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Who we are?

About us

You hear it often: the use of technology in a war for our attention is leading to digital addiction, social isolation, anxiety and depression, and worse.  
At MindHero, we understand the impact technology has had on people’s lives.  We’ve been there ourselves.  That’s what led us to create the first personalized coach for your digital wellbeing.  
We do not believe that negative outcomes are inevitable, or even necessary. We believe that technology can be re-purposed, re-aligned, and re-made with human wellbeing in mind.  We created MindHero to help you perform at your best, all the while feeling your most balanced.  Our methods are grounded in the latest science, and delivered with the newest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning.  
In collaboration with leading researchers and users like you, we are working to create the smartest, most effective coach to help you live your best digital life, one byte at a time. 

Your data stays private

At MindHero, we never share your personal information with anyone unless you explicitly request us to do so. Use our software with full confidence that your information is private and secure. To learn more, please see our Privacy Policy.