What is MindHero?

Do More with Less Stress.

MindHero is a personalized coach for your digital wellbeing.  Our convenient extension for the Chrome browser helps you track and manage your time online smartly and scientifically. 

Support for other browsers, as well as desktop and smartphone applications are coming soon. 

A Beautiful


Want to make changes to how you spend your time online but don’t know where to begin? MindHero quantifies your behavior in a personalized dashboard so you can see where all your time goes in a beautiful, easy to understand visualization.

A Suite of Tools

Have a deadline coming up and need to do some deep work? MindHero has a full suite of tools to help you focus and create, such as a blocker for distracting sites, easy-to-use task timer, and concentration-enhancing music and sounds. 

A Smart, Personalized Coach

The more you use MindHero, the smarter we get about your needs and preferences, and the better our Coach becomes at training you to become your most healthy digital self.  Our data-driven insights and recommendations leverage the latest from behavioral and neuroscience research to help you perform at your very best. 
Download our Chrome extension, then simply sign up for an account! MindHero is always active, and can be accessed every time you open up a new tab.
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